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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Scottish Karate do Association was established in 1963 and was the first karate association in Scotland holding the first Scottish National Karate Championships.

In 1980 the S.K.A. established their first Scottish black belt grading panel regulating and putting in place standards for 1st Dan to 8th Dan Black belt.

The S.K.A. has graded hundreds of students to black belt level and has produced numerous champions and European qualified officials.

The S.K.A. is a founder member of the Scottish Karate Governing Body
and many of the governing body senior members can trace their origins from the Scottish Karate Association.

The S.K.A consists of the two major styles of karate practiced in the world Shitoryu / Shukokai karate and Shotokan karate. Senior S.K.A. members have trained with the top Japanese masters of both styles and have pass on their knowledge to more than 800 students every year.

At present the S.K.A. has more than 25 clubs registered and accredited with the Scottish Karate Governing Body, with all coaches licensed by the S.K.G.B. and vetted for teaching children through Disclosure Scotland. The association also endorses and complies with the Scottish Karate Governing Body Child Protection policy and Risk Management Policies

The S.K.A. caters for Traditional Karate and Sport Karate and has a pathway for 4yrs old beginners to senior Black belt grade at both disciplines. The association also orgianises championships for Kumite (Fighting) and Kata (Forms) for junior and senior members.

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The Scottish Karate Association are members of the Scottish Karate Governing Body